Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A place

"A place of one's own - where one can be alone - is essential. And that place, however small and humble or large and spacious, should be made one's very own in the fullest sense of the phrase. That means not only should it be sacred to one's self, but it should be used as an expression of one's personality.. It is no small pleasure, bit by bit, to make the room, by well-thought-out additions, more efficient, more comfortable, more native to one's self, until it exactly expresses what one is and what one wants to do there, and reaches the acme of usefulness, beauty and pleasure for its occupant. For just as the first must have its water, and the bird must have its air, so you and i must have the immediate environment native to us for comfort, pleasure, and harmonious self-development." 

- C.G.L. Du Cann, Teach yourself to Live, 1955

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