Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Love everything at SCOSHA. So organic, folksy and bohemian. They come with a wonderful story.

SCOSHA is a collection of jewelry by Australian-born artist and designer Scosha Woolridge. She considers herself a story jeweler, using travel tales as inspiration to create jewelry that combines the modern and ancient worlds. SCOSHA draws from a mix of global influences and explores the adventure and freedom in everyday life. Made of gem/stones, metal and recycled fibers, each piece is created as a play between materials and how that translates into what is traditionally considered 'precious' or 'non-precious', 'masculine' or 'feminine'. Ultimately, the goal is lived-in style. It should feel as attractive as it looks; its that natural sensibility that is really attractive.

What a beautiful idea. Definitely precious.

See more beauty here.

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